Terms and Conditions for participation in 2012 American Legion Baseball Championship new car contest

PROMOTION – Contestant(s)s will have ONE (1) opportunity to throw a regulation sized professional baseball through a targethole with netting attached to the back from the authorized distance. To win the promotion prize, the baseball thrown by the contestant must fly through the target hole and come to rest in the netting attached to the back.

CONTESTANT SELECTION – Contestant(s) will be selected at random no more than TWELVE (12) hours prior to the promotion. Once the contestant(s) has/have been selected and eligibility verified no substitutions are permitted.

CONTESTANT ELIGIBILITY – The following class of contestants are ineligible for promotion prize award.

a. All current and former professional, semi-professional or collegiate (at any level) baseball/softball players are excluded;

b. All current or former high school baseball/softball players who have played at that level in the past five (5) years

(including freshmen, JV and varsity for both men and women) are excluded;

c. current or former employees, family members (defined as mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter and spouse), agents, successors or assignees of the Sponsor or any promotional agency involved with this promotion.

VIDEO RECORDING – Video recording equipment must be tested and checked prior to the start of the promotion to ascertain sufficient lighting and clarity. All aspects of the promotion showing unedited video of the following must be recorded:

a.  measurement of the distance of the attempt and target hole diameter (this may be done before the start of the baseball game);

b.  contestant selection in its entirety;

c.  each attempt made at the promotion prize in its entirety.

The video recording equipment must be positioned in a manner to see the contestant, the attempt and at an angle to see the baseball fly through the target hole and into the netting attached to the back of the target hole. In the event of a promotion prize

winner, GPP must receive the unedited video recording within a period of FIVE (5) business days.

THROWING LINE – The spot at which the contestant(s) will attempt to win the promotion prize must be clearly marked with chalk, paint, tape or other suitable material. Contestant(s) may not cross the line (“Foot Fault”) while throwing the baseball. A foot fault will disqualify the attempt and no make up attempts will be allowed and no promotion prize will be awarded.

TARGET HOLE BOARD – The target hole board shall be made with a hard backed material with the target hole cut out of the material. The target hole shall be a minimum distance of EIGHTEEN (18) inches from the ground. A net shall be attached to the back of the target hole to catch a thrown baseball that flies through the target hole.

INTERFERENCE – A thrown baseball that bounces, deflects or otherwise comes in contact with any object, person or surface (i.e. ground) prior to entering the target hole is not eligible to be a winning attempt. Any throw of this nature will be disqualified and the contestant is not eligible for prize award.

CONTESTANT AFFIDAVIT – Contestant(s) must sign the Contestant Agreement to Participate Affidavit prior to the attempt to win the grand prize.

ATTEMPTS –There shall be no practice attempts, warm-up attempts, qualifying attempts, mulligans, do-overs or substituted attempts for other contestants.

WITNESSING – TWO (2) non-participating witnesses, age 18 or older, of good moral character, and appointed by the Association Member shall witness each promotion prize attempt. These witnesses must visually indicate if the thrown baseball completely enters the target hole, comes to rest in the netting and verify the contestant did not cross the line (“foot fault”) while attempting to win the promotion prize. WARNING – It is the Association Member’s duty to ensure witnesses are positioned safely.

SPONSOR’S RULES – The Sponsor must submit the official promotion rules to Grand Prize Promotions for review. All such promotion rules shall be in compliance with all Local, State and Federal Laws governing such Events, and shall be deemed invalid should such rules and regulations fail to be compliant.